4 Prominent Symptoms of External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids usually comes a variety of symptoms that are easily noticeable as compared to internal piles. Here are 4 hemroid symptoms to help you quickly clarify.

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The External Hemorrhoid Lump

You should feel a lump around your anus as you clean your bottom, or just feel your around. This is the swelling of the anal veins.

Hemorrhoid Bleeding

Sufferers are more likely to seek external hemorrhoid treatment as the pain forces them to take action.
Sufferers are more likely to seek external hemorrhoid treatment as the pain forces them to take action. © Recose | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

You will experience hemorrhoid bleeding on your stools and toilet paper. Note that the blood will likely be bright red as its source is from the arteries., which transport oxygenated (the iron atom inside the hemoglobin protein of your blood is attached to an oxygen molecule through ion-induced dipole forces). Blood is very unlikely to come from your veins, which transports de-oxygenated blood that is very dark red, as your veins are already swollen. Furthermore, the entire anal canal is rich in arteries that form a network to communicate above the rectum.

The lump will be itchy as the epithelial (layer involved in absorption and secretion) tissues secrete mucus to protect your inflamed hemorrhoid.


External hemorrhoids present much more painful hemorrhoid symptoms compared to internal ones, because your anus has more nerve tissues, that detect and send pain signals to your brain. The inner rectum region has significantly fewer nerve tissues.


Notice that your bleeding, itching, and painful experiences come around the same time that your lump appears on your anus. Unlike internal hemorrhoids symptoms where the bleeding comes first without pain and lump before it starts to prolapse, external piles present all the symptoms at around the same time. This is the one of your main clues to differentiate prolapsed internal hemorrhoids from external hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids are generally easier to treat since the lumps are outside of the anus, and sufferers are more likely to seek external hemorrhoid treatment as the pain forces them to take action.

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  1. Charlotte Lennert

    I got food poisoning or something last Saturday. I was running to the bathroom every 5 minutes for about 24 hours with real bad diarrhea. After I was done being sick I realized I had a hemorrhoid. It pops out and is the most painful thing I have ever felt. The hemorrhoid and pain have been around for a week. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I bought someGuna Hemorrhoid Review a few days ago and it helps with the pain. This morning there are no more swelling and it not even flared up.

  2. Andrew Lodzinski

    But as I see, it is really common problem from a lot of people.. I suggest to see doctor in any kind of haemorrhoids, you never know how serious is it.

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