6 Severe Complications of Chronic Hemorrhoids

Chronic hemorrhoids act up every now and then. Most people tend to ignore such hemroid symptoms as they disappear after a while. However, chronic hemorrhoids can lead to complications when left untreated, and they can be much more serious than you’d imagined. Some may even aggravate to the extent of fatal. Here are 6 complications that you may be eventually facing.

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Bacterial Infections from Chronic Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids tend to bleed, so you can imagine how exposed your anal veins are to the external environment. During the passage of stools, bacteria and other harmful pathogens (micro-organisms) from your feces can easily invade your piles and enter your main bloodstream. If these organisms spread throughout your entire body, you will suffer from Septicemia (blood poisoning), which can be potentially lethal condition.


You may have observed this; whenever you had a cut on your body, the area will eventually surface a piece of dark red “hard skin”, known as a blood clot. This clot peels off on its own once the new skin beneath is fully formed. Thrombosis is basically the formation of the blood clots to protect the internal body from any pathogenic infections.

Those with hemorrhoid bleeding are susceptible to thrombosis as your internal body is exposed to the external environment. Problem starts when the blood clot forms INSIDE your hemorrhoid. It may be transported to other parts of your body, and obstruct blood flow to the area. If it obstructs blood flow in vital areas like your brain, you may suffer from a stroke and even death.


Chronic hemorrhoids may lead to fibrosis, reducing the elasticity of your anus. This can result in leakage.
Chronic hemorrhoids may lead to fibrosis, reducing the elasticity of your anus. This can result in leakage.

During the repair of the tissues in your hemorrhoids, too much fibrous connective tissues may be formed, and this process is known as Fibrosis. These connective tissues are usually used to join other body tissues to build the body’s structure, and assist organ functions.

As they have a fibrous (“stringy”) property, they will reduce the elasticity of your anus and rectum. This can be a painful process and your rectal muscles will have less control over your stools, which can result in leakage.


Pus may be formed in the cavity (empty space) in your hemorrhoid. This mass of accumulated pus is known as the abscess, and it usually occurs in areas which are inflamed and swollen, which fits the description of hemorrhoids.

It will be painful, and when the pus oozes out of your hemorrhoids, the abscess is known to be suppurating. The tissues inside tend to be easily injured.


Hemorrhoids may restrict blood flow to the tissues nearby. The cells in the tissues will not be able to obtain oxygen to survive and perform their functions, which may lead to premature death, a process also known as necrosis.

When the significant mass of the tissues also similarly die off, then it is known as gangrene. The area will eventually turn dark green and it can become a life-threatening condition.


If you suffer from a chronic (recurrent and persistent) blood loss from your hemorrhoids, you may be deprived of healthy red blood cells to provide oxygen to your body cells. You will constantly feel exhausted and drained of energy.

Now that you understand the complications of hemorrhoids, you should comprehend the need to seek piles treatment early for those chronic hemorrhoids. Complications can also occur for any kind of piles, and I’m sure you don’t wish to suffer any of these, so it’s time that you consult a doctor if you’ve been facing hemorrhoids symptoms.Click here for a step-by-step, natural guide for treating hemorrhoids quickly.

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