6 Caffeinated Products That Aggravates Hemorrhoid Bleeding

Caffeine is a powerful trigger to hemorrhoid bleeding.  Avoiding caffeine is a vital step to cure hemorrhoids, but it can be a lot trickier than it seems. Caffeine is present in many unexpected food and drinks. Many a times, you do not even have a clue that you are ingesting caffeine. Here is a list of caffeine in the most common products.

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1. Coffee (The Worst Hemorrhoid Bleeding Contributor)

As the biggest source of caffeine and the one of the biggest hemorrhoids causes, this one definitely needs to be erased off your diet immediately. Brewed espresso that is prepared in restaurants tops the charts, followed by coffee brewed from the grounds.

  • Starbucks Grande Coffee probably tops the list with 330 mg of caffeine per serving.

Ground Coffee Worsens Hemorrhoid Bleeding

Values will vary according to the way the coffee is brewed, and the blending composition. Of course, coffee powder, and that includes instant ones as well, are also significant sources. But you shouldn’t bother about coffee as it is practically impossible to find non-caffeinated coffee.

Note that coffee ice-creams and other coffee related products also do have traces of caffeine too.

2. Tea

In case you’re wondering, the main similarity between coffee and tea is the presence of caffeine. Black tea ranks number one on this list.

3. Chocolate

You will have to cut down on this all-time favorite no matter how tantalizing it gets, as caffeine is highest in quantity in dark chocolate, followed by milk chocolate. Although caffeine in chocolate is generally not very high, it is still sufficient enough (coupled with the high sugar content in processed chocolates) to worsen hemorrhoid bleeding and symptoms. If you really need a bite on chocolate, go for a small piece of white chocolate as it is likely not to contain any caffeine.

4. Carbonated Soft Drinks

These fizzy beverages are a rich source of caffeine, which explains its zesty flavor and feeling, particularly the “energy drinks”. A few shocking facts about the popular brands:

  • Although it is not available worldwide and many of us may not have even heard of its name before, Jolt Cola tops the ranks with 220 mg of caffeine in its one serving of 23.5oz (a Coca Cola can is 12oz).
  • Red Bull has 80mg of caffeine per serving.
  • Coca Cola Diet contains 45 mg of caffeine per serving, which is 33% more than its classic version. (34.5mg)
  • Mountain Dew is an unexpected heavy source at 55 mg per serving which even beats Coca Cola.
  • Pepsi is at 38 mg in one serving.

Caffeine, together with sugar, is often the main source of energy in your soft drinks, especially the energy drinks. If you need a drink, visit the fruit store and get one of the best natural remedies for hemorrhoids instead, known as blended fruit juice. Do NOT get fruit flavored soft drinks!

5. Processed Fruit Juice

Generally, natural fruit juices do not contain caffeine, except for those containing certain kinds of berries like Guarana. They are a good source of hemorrhoids home remedy.

Fruit Juice For Hemorrhoid Bleeding
Always get freshly blended raw fruit juice, not commercialized bottled ones which aggravates hemorrhoid bleeding even further.

But if you don’t have the time to make your own juice and you are considering substituting with a manufactured one, be a little more cautious.

• For instance, Naked Fruit Juice has around 40 mg per serving. It is after all an energy fruit juice.

Similarly, energy juices should be avoided as well. Read the labels before you purchase them. Always get freshly blended raw fruit juice, not commercialized bottled ones.

6. Energy Gums

Energy gums, like Jolt Gums, contain caffeine and should be avoided. Note that caffeine is absorbed into your bloodstream even faster than drinking beverages, which worsens your hemroid symptoms even quicker.

If you are unsure whether a product is caffeinated, always check its ingredient list. Click here to learn a natural treatment for hemorrhoids. In general, anything which claims to provide a boost of energy probably has caffeine as its active ingredient. Caffeine hinders all your hemorrhoids cure, particularly treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids. Avoid anything related to energy products and you will be on the right track.

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  1. chrispi2

    I never had a problem with my hemorrhoids bleeding till recently about the same time I started exercising at a gym. Today for the first time I actually had blood in the toilet and even a teeny clot on the tp. After reading this I realized I have been taking green coffee bean extract with 500mg caffiene!!! I am going off it immediately. (I didn’t shed a pound on it either!)

  2. admin

    I’m glad you laid off the caffeine! It’s a terrible source of exacerbation for your hemorrhoids.

    Try replacing your coffee with a fruit juice instead! 🙂

  3. Julie Divin

    Please email me information about what foods or drinks
    Like to stop my hemorrhoids from bleeding!
    Will I have bad hemmorhoids bleeding or constapation
    From poop if I drink milk or water a lot!
    Is dairy product very bad for hemmorhoids or poop bleed problems!

  4. Louis Jordan

    Thank you for this info. I found it quite useful. This is, however just one piece of the puzzle. Quite fascinating. I would hypothesize that anyone who continues this diet, even after having hemmoroids for a long time, would eventually develop issues w/ the joints. I believe hemmoroids are just the 1st indicator of too much of certain substance in the body, perhaps including caffeine. Eliminating the above foods is a great 1st step, but it’s not the root-cause. Not even close. In fact, your body will continue to crave the above foods until you address the root cause, because these foods actually heal the real bad damage in the body under normal circumstances. Once again Pasteur’s principles don’t apply.

  5. Anthony S. Nguyen

    There are plenty of medicines, drugs, creams available that can cure this disease. Even you have substitute therapies that are pretty effective in healing hemorrhoids. These different therapies are comprised of homeopathy, herbal medicines (Hemorrhoid Organics, Bioflavonoids) supplements and some home remedies ( e.g.witch hazel compress, fiber diet, butcher’s broom) nutritional. It is highly recommended that do not ignore hemorrhoids in the early stages. One must consult the doctor and get remedy as soon as possible. Delaying in such kind of disease may yield you to loads of trouble and pain in the future. Don’t let hemorrhoids grow their roots.

  6. sel

    here’s the secret ; plain kefir- one glass a day..you’ll thank me

  7. Peter Nweke

    I am 51 and i have had tea and bread for breakfast for like…50 years so i think i know where my Hemorrhoid is coming from. I must quickly add that i am a coke person too (that should doubly confirm my situation). I am willing to drop the habits for my health sake.

  8. Julia Kelly

    Try earthclinic.com for the 5/6 black peppercorns remedy. Amazing testimonies there about it’s effectiveness.

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