What Will Hemorrhoid Surgery Cost?

Posted on 11th June 2013 in All Articles, Hemorrhoids Cure, Hemorrhoids Facts

Hemorrhoids can be caused by pregnancy, having a poor diet or even a lot of constipation. Varicose veins that are found in the rectum or anus that often swell, itch or worse bleed could lead to embarrassing or painful situations. Fortunately there is a surgery out there that can get rid of the problem for life.  Like any surgery, however, it’s going to come with a price tag.  How much?  Let’s take a gander…

Hemorrhoid Surgery Cost

On average, the cost of getting a hemorrhoidectomy can range anywhere from $3,020 to as much as $5,731 depending if the surgery is done ambulatory surgery center or in a hospital.

How much does it cost?

On average, the cost of getting a hemorrhoidectomy can range anywhere from $3,020 to as much as $5,731 depending if the surgery is done ambulatory surgery center or in a hospital. The cost will also depend on the location where the medical services will be performed.

Non-traditional treatments can cost $600 per visit and it will take three to five treatments to complete. Regardless of the treatment which a patient will have, it will guarantee that the chance of getting an embarrassing moment can significantly be lowered.

What happens?

When a patient undergoes a hemorrhoidectomy it includes the surgical removal of the hemorrhoid. The treatment will also include routine post-operative care. The surgery may also include a hospital stay. The stay may be as long as two days. The surgery may take at least 45 minutes.

During the procedure, the surgeon will create a small incision in the tissue that is around the hemorrhoid.  After the incision is created, the vein inside will be tied off to prevent it from bleeding.  From there, it will be removed.  After it’s removed, the area will be sewn closed or in some circumstances, it could be left open.

What are the extra costs?

While the anesthesia is included in the procedure, extra painkillers may be needed if the out-patient care is opted. Since there would be no hospital support, patients that opt for out-patient care may need to secure and buy medical supplies such as gauzes, disinfectant and even anti-inflammatory medication and other prescription medication that the doctor may prescribe. In-patient care will have the needs taken care and charged to the hospital bill.

Factors that affect price

The primary factor that affects the price is the professional fee. The fees of the physicians vary and thus it is better to consult a familiar doctor as they may provide discounts. The second factor that affect price is the location of the medical care facility. Facilities that are located in big cities may be more expensive compared to suburbs and towns. Also, the health care insurance may take care of the expenses that may drastically lower the out-of-pocket expense which the patient may shoulder as part of the hemorrhoid surgery.

Tips to consider

You need to check for prices and if the surgery is covered as part of the primary health care coverage of your health maintenance organization.

Check if you the procedure is covered by Medicare, Medicaid or any government initiated health care program

It is best to consult the doctor if an out-patient procedure is applicable to your situation which can lower the price of the medical expenses as it will no longer require a hospital stay.

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    Thanks for a very informative and useful article. The article Cost of Surgery to Remove Nodes says that the price of hemorrhoid removal method Longo can reach $ 1200.

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